About Barbara

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Barbara Randell is a retired Botanist, who has studied and worked in several Australian Universities. 

She was born in a rural area of Queensland, one of Australia’s northern states. Her parents ran a mixed farm. She has warm memories of growing up there, with her three siblings, surrounded by horses, dogs, cats, cows and calves, pigs, and chooks. She attended a one-roomed country school for nine years before moving on to boarding school for her secondary education. She then studied at the University of Queensland.

She moved to Adelaide in the 1960s, and was awarded a PhD in 1970, for her work on Australian native trees and shrubs.

She has lived in Adelaide since then. She is married, has two daughters and a grandson. She now lives in a Retirement Village, while her husband is in Residential Care, as he suffers from dementia.

Barbara has always had a keen interest in writing. She was awarded prizes for her writing, in primary school, and in the Ipswich Eisteddfod. She had stories and poems published in School and University annuals. She published many scientific papers, and also wrote reports explaining scientific subjects to the general public. She has researched and distributed unpublished Family History books among family members, with some of this work published in Family History magazines. She self-published a novel ‘Mary Bennett of Meryton’ as an eBook on Kindle in 2018.

Barbara believes that few people understand what farming life was like in Australia, in the middle of last century. This has driven her to write her new biography in an attempt to fill the gap in Australia’s recorded history.