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My friend, Barbara whom I met on the Alzheimer's Forum wrote this book so I wanted to read it. So happy I have read it. I also grew up on a farm with cattle as Barbara did so am familiar with so many things she wrote about. I live in Oklahoma in the United States but so many things are the same. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Barbara's book. It's the kind of book you have trouble putting down. Sad to come to the end of the book and wish for more. Her memory of her childhood seemed so fresh in her mind and writing. Parts of the book have brought back many memories of my happy childhood for which I'm grateful. 

Good job, Barbara. I'm looking forward to your next book. 

- Lorita

Oklahoma, US

From snakes in the outside loo to being trussed up in a corset, Barbara Randell paints an intriguing picture of growing up on a Queensland farm in the 1950s. Her new memoir, The Redgens of Redford is written with humour and detail as she recalls life on the 660-hectare property, 15kms from the small town of Chinchilla. Barbara grew up with three siblings and a menagerie of pets including horses, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, and chooks. I love the story of her pet dog, Tinker, the most unlikely working dog, who was terrified of cows and horses.

Great descriptions provide insight into the farming cycle and its hardships and triumphs. You can also well imagine that one-roomed country school where Barbara attended for nine years before moving on to boarding school and then university. And you can also feel her relief when that tight corset is discarded after a shopping expedition to town. The retired botanist has recorded a time in Australia’s farming social history that’s important to preserve and in danger of being lost. It’s a fun and informative read, well done!

--Sue Wallace

Travel Writer and Editor

Barbara Randell's Memoir of life on a farm in Central Queensland in the 1950's, is beautifully written and describes a generation that I can relate to, but many cannot. Barbara's descriptions made me feel like I was there, experiencing the fresh fragrance of that first drop of rain on the corrugated roof following a dry spell, the sight of the rolling dust, the sounds and beauty of the bush. This Memoir is an Australian Classic which records a post war era that few will actually remember in years to come. Congratulations Barbara on leaving a legacy for all to enjoy. 

- Jenny Old, Author

Nobody would write about farming in the 1950s - it's too ordinary! But the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary when seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old Barbara Redgen, in Barbara Randell's latest book, The Redgens of Redford.  Seen through young eyes and interpreted through a young enquiring mind, Barbara shows us her childhood on the family's Queensland farm. 

- Glenys Brokenshire

Author of 'Thicker than Water'

The Redgens of Redford is funny and informative. Barbara Randell has done an amazing job brining us a way of life that is important in Australia's history. I particular enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the shop interiors, and the shopping experience of the time. 

- Trish Henningsen

Manager, Chinchilla History Museum

Oh, I am so pleased you touched base with me. I have enjoyed reading your pages. Geckos, push bikes to school and town shopping days, all things I can relate to the old history here on our property and previous generations. My husband is actually in the process of reading your pages as he is a huge reader especially of Bush history. It is excellent!!

- Margie Lee-Madigan

EST1889 Broadmere [of Instagram]

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