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Mansfield House


Fran Price has lived with her Bertram cousins for years. Her aunt and uncle love her and treat her as another daughter. But her cousins have always treated her as an outsider, and made use of her services without consideration. She has always accepted this without protest.

 Currently, she lives in Mansfield House in Moonta, a small coastal town, where she nurses her uncle Jack, and keeps house for him and her cousin Susan. Her aunt Marion lives with her younger son Eddie on the family farm. Her cousin Tom lives with his family in a nearby town, and cousin Virginia (Ginny) lives with her husband on a different farm.

When Ginny leaves her husband, she assumes Fran will welcome her and her 3 small children as residents in Mansfield House. Their unmarried aunt Caroline supports Ginny. But Ginny’s actions lead to many further family upsets. Can Fran finally break free of the stresses heaped on her by Ginny and Caroline? Will she ever have the chance to find happiness for herself?

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Mary Bennett of Meryton

Mary Bennett is alone with her parents. Three sisters are married, another living away. Now is her chance to emerge from their shadows. Becoming more confident, she makes good friends, and meets a number of eligible young men. But her mother’s continual complaints make her days painful. Will the stain of her sister Lydia's scandalous elopement ever fade? Will she ever find someone who loves Mary for herself?.  

A Cottage in Germantown bakerie logo.jpg

A Cottage In Germantown


Kathy has inherited an old decaying cottage, in a small town settled by German pioneers nearly 200 years ago. But when circumstances force her to move in, she is met with a mixture of friendship, animosity, resistance, and real danger. Can she solve the mystery surrounding the cottage and her own family links to the town? Can she move past her own personal tragedies to a new happier future?

If you like real Australian romance stories, this is for you.  

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Darcy's Pride

When Beth Phillips first meets her new boss, Darcy Williams, she decides he is arrogant thoughtless and selfish. He decides she is uneducated country girl. As they get to know each other somewhat better, over the months, neither finds a reason to change those first impressions. Then, with a few ill-chosen words, Darcy destroys Beth’s career and her self-confidence.

When he discovers his mistake, he tries to repair the damage. But will Beth ever forgive him? Will he ever repair the damage he has done? Will he ever get the chance to show her his change of heart?

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No Time for Sensibility


When her father dies unexpectedly, the eldest daughter Ellen Dashwood, is left to keep the family together. In this she is assisted by Colin Brandon, a new acquaintance. Colin often disapproves of her actions, and is angry with her. Despite that, they become friends.
After an episode when Colin becomes very upset with Ellen, he disappears.
Meanwhile, Ellen tries to increase their income, without much success. But when John Willoughby threatens their future, she is determined to defy his evil designs.
Will Ellen solve the family financial problems? Will she defeat John Willoughby? Will she ever find happiness with Colin Brandon?

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Kanga Reuben Investigates


Kanga Reuben is an overweight, aging, rum-swilling author of lurid murder mysteries. As he travels around Australia, he just wants to be left alone, to get on with his writing. But everywhere he goes, he runs into dead bodies resulting from unnatural deaths.

Travel with him from the southern shores of Australia, north to Queensland. Can you solve the mysteries before he does?

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