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About The Redgens of Redford

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A family farm in the 1950s

This is the story of my family's life on our mixed farm in Queensland in the 1950s. My story reflects on a period of Australia's history where, in the absence of modern technology, lateral thinking, stubbornness, and hard work were the order of the day. Join me as I recall all aspects of my life on the farm, including attending a one-room provisional school, the excitement of visiting the annual local show, and the special event that was shopping day. Experience the challenges of country life - droughts, fire, and flood - and the love and determination of my family, through my eyes as a child growing up and into adulthood.  

Reviews of The Redgens of Redford

My friend, Barbara whom I met on the Alzheimer's Forum wrote this book so I wanted to read it. So happy I have read it. I also grew up on a farm with cattle as Barbara did so am familiar with so many things she wrote about. I live in Oklahoma in the United States but so many things are the same. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Barbara's book. It's the kind of book you have trouble putting down. Sad to come to the end of the book and wish for more. Her memory of her childhood seemed so fresh in her mind and writing. Parts of the book have brought back many memories of my happy childhood for which I'm grateful.
Good job, Barbara. I'm looking forward to your next book.  Lorita

I felt quite at home with the author as she reminisced about her childhood on the family farm. Her tales of her pony and other animals on the farm were so vividly brought to life. Like me, Barbara has an affinity for trees and her descriptions of characteristics and the big part trees played in her childhood, rang true for me too. A delightful read. Elora

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