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Mary Bennett of Meryton

Mary Bennett is alone with her parents. Three sisters are married, another living away. Now is her chance to emerge from their shadows. Becoming more confident, she makes good friends, and meets a number of eligible young men. But her mother’s continual complaints make her days painful. Will the stain of her sister Lydia's scandalous elopement ever fade? Will she ever find someone who loves Mary for herself?.  

I love P&P variations about Mary Bennet. I enjoyed this one as well. But many heartaches does she have to go through. Hate when her family is so selfish and go on with their life's while she has to take care of mom and dad. Unfortunately that happens a lot today. Glad she had her few friends who cared for her. So glad Darcy was one of them. He respected her.  Review by Pam in USA

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